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The Corporate Hitchhiker’s thoughts on Corporations, Nazism and Communism

After the previous Hitchhiker’s article some might have left with the impression that Corporations are a bad thing. Like many other things, it is not a social system per se that is bad, but the people in that system. A Corporation, Communist or Nazist society is only as bad as the people in it. What do these have in common ?

Planning would be the first. Nazism had the „Four Year Plan”, Communism had the series of „Five-Year Plans”, Corporations are using Strategic Planning and splitting the Fiscal Year in quarters. Planning would be the best way in achieving goals, in any situation whatsoever. The difference is how you reach your goal, how realistic you are, and how people are treated along the way. Continuă lectura

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the East-Europe Corporate Jobs

That title got your attention, isn’t it? You feel like you need a guide to succeed in your corporate job/career? Tough luck, you won’t necessarily find it here, but you will recognize yourself in some of the events described in here. This is, or will be, since it is not written yet, a small(?) story about a 10 years journey through the corporation jobs in an Eastern Europe country. Well, yes, the title was partially a plagiarism inspired from the title of Douglas Adams’ book.


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The story begins when a fresh graduate found out that the bachelor degree counts for nothing in the emerging capitalist society. It was in fact a confirmation of something felt during the years in college, but it was a shock nevertheless. First job attempt was at a really small company, owned by a local, found in a newspaper after 4 months of desperate search . No contract signed, no money received, the owner was using the employees to support his political campaign and the work-related deadlines seldom contained in various forms the explicit promise of being fired.  Didn’t took long to realize it was more like a slavery than a job, so this chapter ended after 6 weeks. Continuă lectura